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Ionic Hair Retexturising, Cutting, Styling, Colouring, Human Hair Extensions, Skelmersdale, Wigan, Lancashire

iconic1Hairdressing is an exciting yet demanding profession with never a dull moment according to our digital promotional partners Trimmers Hair Salon, Skelmersdale. Constantly evolving trends in design vogue and on the streets keep stylists on their toes, and make it crucial to stay ahead of new techniques for cutting, curling, straightening and shaping. Each client deserves the experience of turning heads on leaving the hair salon, and who doesn’t love to be asked ‘Wow, where did you get your hair done?’.

Our hair is the one guaranteed way to make an impression and get the right kind of attention, and there are so many different ways to spectacularly change the look of your hair these days. Unique hair which reflects each personality and achieves the desired effect, is something most of us aspire to when we enter a hair salon. Cookie terms like undercut, cornrow, pixie and mermaid appear and fade, replaced by the latest hot fashion. Whatever kind of look you choose to rock, Trimmers are the experts and continue to delight their clients by creating fabulous hair, whether long, short, straight or curly.

Not only do people want to show off the most recent hair trends, as clients they also demand beautifully conditioned, undamaged and versatile hair. In the past there was an understanding that if you wanted the most chic looks, you would probably have to resign yourself to an eventual drying, breaking and perhaps even thinning of your locks. Not all that long ago harsh treatments were often compulsory to acquire that shade, curl or straightness.

When it comes to processes like hair straightening, Trimmers in Skelmersdale, Wigan, specialise in one of the most innovative processes ever. The team at Trimmers use a process of Ionic Hair Retexturising, to create glossy long lasting straight hair. This revolutionary method delivers amazing, lasting results and is a hit with male and female A-Listers, models and fashionista’s alike. Sleek condition and easy after care make the gentle process of Ionics incredibly popular, and customer feedback from places like Manchester, Salford, Bolton [and even Malaga!] says it all!

To find out more about Ionics or to book an appointment with Trimmers on 01695 721414.

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