Brows – FAQ


How long will it take?
Leave 3 hours free for the ‘initial treatment’ and 2 for the ‘touch-up treatment.’

Does it hurt?
I use excellent anaesthetics to keep any discomfort under control. I use a topical numbing cream prior to the procedure, and a local anaesthetic gel is applied once the procedure has started this is topped up regularly to keep you comfortable, most clients say they feel very relaxed and some clients even fall asleep mid procedure.

How do you choose a shape?
You are encouraged to come wearing your regular make-up and feel free to bring any images of brow shapes that you like. Before the procedure I will measure out your features and plot points that correspond to them for perfect placement and symmetry. This allows me to draw a suggested shape that compliments YOUR face. We will then work together to tweak this shape to your personal preferences.

Hairstroke, featherstroke or blocked brows?
I specialise in ultra realistic techniques so that I can imitate actual brow hairs, so whether you have some or none, I can help you. If you do prefer a block brow this can certainly be achieved. I will work with you to obtain the most flattering style for your features and lifestyle.

Should I shave my brow hair off?
No, keep your own brow hair, don’t even tweeze them as I like to work within your natural hair growth wherever possible and this will give me more scope.

How do you choose a colour?
We choose a colour together by applying various pigments onto your forehead, close to your brows. This helps us to select the best possible match to your skin tone and personal preference.

What will it look like immediately after the procedure?
It will appear bolder and darker for the first week, as it heals it will fade to a softer colour.

Does it hurt afterwards?
The area can be sore for a few hours and then tender to the touch for a couple of days afterwards.
The area may also appear slightly swollen and a little pink for a few hours, this is normal.

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