Feel Good Inside and Out

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Permanent Make Up, Eyebrow, Eyeliner & Lip Cosmetic Tattooing, Micropigmentation, Wigan

spmuPermanent make up, has taken the world of beauty and fashion by storm, not only enhancing facial features and delivering stunning results, but saving time, effort and money. Actors, models, singers and celebs of all kinds use this form of facial tattooing or micropigmentation to perfect their look. My customers love how quickly they can prepare for their day, without painstaking and time consuming application of eye make up and lip colour. This procedure is even more difficult if eyesight is not great or spectacles are worn, risking poking yourself in the eye or just making a mess.

You can have beautiful, face framing eyebrows, gorgeously defined eyes and more youthful fuller lips 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. At Permanent Make Up By Niaome, you will be amazed by the realistic quality of eyebrows applied by methods including Featherstroke, Natural Hairstroke or Powdered Brow Effect. This form of permanent cosmetics can conceal scarring, asymmetry and sparse hair growth, with the shape and style of your choice. The outcome is similar to a mini facelift without the risks or expense associated with invasive cosmetic surgery. This transforming procedure is used for all sorts of reasons such as where hair loss has been experienced, for many people permanent make up is the solution to restoring self confidence and self image.

Look fresh and awake as soon as you get up in the morning, and on your next holiday you can enjoy jumping in and out of the pool, sunbathing, dining, hiking and exercising without having to reapply make up.

and psst…guys this is an ideal gift for valentines day!

While looking great lifts the spirits and makes us feel positive about ourselves, feeling good is equally important. Problems like back and neck pain, headaches, spinal Issues, repetitive strain injuries, joint problems, arthritic pain and postural problems (including pregnancy) are common. Pain caused by these conditions is reflected in the expressions of the face, and it is easy to see when somebody is in discomfort. Whitley Bay Osteopathic Centre are specialists in helping the body to fix itself, by careful evaluation of the patient and condition. Only then can a tailored solution be offered, with results that speak for themselves.

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