Healthy Glossy Hair

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We can’t all be stunning top models with classically beautiful features, but we can certainly strive to look and feel our best. A healthy diet and lifestyle will show in our looks, especially when it comes to skin and hair. Eating good nourishing food, drinking plenty of water and getting some regular exercise are recommended ways to stay fit and young looking.

You can also make the most of your existing assets by accentuating things like eyebrows, eyelashes and lips, giving you self confidence and a brighter outlook. A major way to ensure you look your best and reflect positivity, is to have gorgeous, well conditioned hair. Conditioning your hair has multiple benefits, especially professional deep conditioning, using processes that leave the hair gloriously glossy. The effects can last an extremely long time, and protect your hair from damage caused by seasonal weather such as UV rays.

Today’s salon methods and products provide long term benefits too, including actually strengthening the hair. This means improved elasticity so less breakage or split ends and a sleek, lustrous mane to die for! As well as weather damage, your hair can suffer from over processing with colours and perms. This is especially true if home kits widely available in stores are used frequently, which are simply designed to deliver fast but temporary results. They can weaken the hair’s structure and ultimately lead to dryness. High quality, gentle hair care products can be bought from most good salons, and can be applied easily at home. This is a great idea, as stylists are able to recommend the product that’s right for you at the time of purchase.

Trimmers Salon uses a range of luxury treatments by Kerastase and L’Oreal, that will keep your hair and scalp in excellent condition. Their team of experts will advise you about how to achieve beautiful hair, and they also have conditioning products for convenient use at home. Book an appointment or chat with one of their qualified stylists on 01695 721414.

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