Help out your man!

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Mens Secrets?

Most men don’t like to talk about beauty. Its just not done!

However, does that mean that they would not be interested in something that would help them not only look great, but also feel good about themselves and gain back that confidence that the thought had long since gone?

I think the answer is pretty simple. Why would anyone not want to look and feel the best they can? Whether your a man or a women you still have feelings. Those feelings of why cant my eyebrows just be perfect all the time are just the same as why cant I have my hair line back or why is it me that had to go bald?

A little push.

Sometimes men just need that little push. The “have you seen this treatment” question. Initially will be met with. “Why would I want that done?”. However overtime you will find deep down that they would love to have their hairline back. It something that has bothered them since they lost their hair, but they’ve had to learn to live with it because they’ve had no choice.

The Choice.

Well now thanks to huge step changes in technology and training the standard of Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is better than ever. Gone are the horror stories of the blue helmet caused by using tattoo ink and a tattoo machine to carry out the treatment.

Scalp Solutions based in Wigan led by Lew Grady. Is leading the way having undertaken training by one of the world leaders in the industry and using bespoke equipment that is specifically designed for SMP only.

Lew has treated people from all over the country who have checked out his work and cannot believe how realistic the hair follicles look when done by him.

The Right Choice.

So what are the wives and girlfriends waiting for? Give him the gift that will make him into the man he wants to be. Confident, younger and feeling great.

To find out more about the incredible work that Lew has done so far check out his website and scroll through the blog section for some examples of before and after pictures. Still want to know more?  Visit his Facebook page for even more information and even a video of Lew taking you through the steps of this amazing treatment. Still wanting more info? Contact Lew directly through email, Facebook or even good old fashioned phone call 07718493674.

What are you waiting for? This is the gift he’s been wanting!