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Many women with natural curls covet the straight look [and vice versa] a fact that keeps hair salons busy! Those who desire straight hair dream of sleek gleaming locks full of softness and movement. However as lots of women with this type of hair know, straight doesn’t always mean smooth and polished. It can be dull, dry and tangled, often more so than curly hair!

Chemicals or heat can provide a temporary solution giving enviable straight, flowing hair, but may cause damage if used regularly. You can change the look or condition of your hair, or invigorate it with extra body in a number of ways at home, here are just a few.

Vinegar Rinse

Hair product build up can be removed using this simple method, and will let your hair bounce again. One tablespoon of vinegar added to a cup of water or double if your hair is long. After washing and conditioning your hair pour the vinegar and water rinse over and run your fingers through. Leave for a few minutes, then rinse, any vinegar smell will fade as it dries.


To give fine hair some texture and reduce that flat, lank look, apply a small amount of mousse to freshly washed and conditioned, damp hair [not too much around the roots]. Divide into sections and working from the bottom up, scrunch handfuls of hair from each section. When the hair is dry, don’t brush it, or you will risk it frizzing up.

Messy Volume

To add interest to your straight hair, slightly dampen, and add body overnight by :-

Tying it into a loose messy bun
Putting it in a loose plait
Pinning it up
Twisting and pinning
Putting in big rollers
You can experiment with a different method each night.

A fabulous way to get glossy straight hair while keeping your hair in amazing condition is to have professional Ionic straightening. Specialists in hair care and styling such as Trimmers Hair Salon, are experts with this kind of technique, and have many delighted customers.


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