Safe Solution to Hair Loss

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Semi Permanent Realistic Hair Simulation, Custom Hair Line, Non Invasive Hair Loss Treatment

Natural hair loss and thinning hair is, and always has been an issue usually for men, and one for which there are numerous products, in lotion and tablet form, on the market to try to tackle the problem. Some of these treatments give pretty good although mixed results, and other options include transplants, flap surgery and scalp reduction. However many of these choices have troublesome aspects such as expense, discomfort and manageability. Male pattern baldness is not the end of the world, and although not welcomed, is generally accepted by the majority as a normal process.

By the age of 35, 40% of men will experience some hair loss, with the figure reaching 65% by the age of 60. A significant amount of women also suffer from thinning hair, the estimated figure is 50% by age 65, often due to hormonal changes.

Hair is undeniably linked to our self image, which is of course why the hair loss industry is a multi million pound business. An ideal option would be something which provides a permanent or semi permanent appearance of hair, that can be custom designed, and that whatever you’re doing, you don’t have to think or worry about.

A concept which is taking the hair loss industry by storm, is Tricopigmentation, a form of Scalp Micropigmentation. This involves a non invasive but exceptionally effective procedure, whereby a small amount of pigment is placed in the upper dermis. When applied by an expert like Lew Grade of Scalp Solutions Tricopigmentation in Wigan, the results are amazing, and clients are able to just get on with their lives immediately. Customers are delighted to see the appearance of ultra realistic hair follicles replicating a clean shaven head. The treatment has been hailed as life changing, and is also becoming popular with both men and women whose hair is thinning to create ‘densification’ where needed. Read about this innovative treatment here. 

Pain Free Hair Loss Solution for Men & Women, Visual Correction of Thinning Hair, Scarring & Alopecia