Stunning Permanent Eyebrows, Eyes and Lips

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Many of us with hectic lives and busy work schedules can do without the rigmarole of painting on or filling in eyebrows and painstakingly drawing on perfect eyeliner. Yet these measures can make you feel striking, presentable and provide a boost to your day. Also, to many people the art of applying accurate or realistic looking make up is annoyingly beyond them and over defined or wobbly lines abound.
But you can save yourself all that time and effort with one visit to Permanent Makeup by Niaome. As a trained artist, I specialise in accentuating eyebrows, eyelids and lips using a method of micro-pigmentation. I apply beautifully precise, face defining brows in whatever style or shape my client desires. Choices include Featherstroke, Natural Hairstroke or Powdered Brow Effect and I will work with you to decide on your own individual preference of shape, shade, and overall desired outcome. This gentle painless procedure uses technology specifically created for safe use on the face, and in the hands of qualified professionals, ensures stunning effects.

Permanent makeup like eyeliner is hugely popular as you no longer have to be a Rembrandt first thing in the morning, but will wake up ready to go! Gorgeous, alert, wide open eyes that stay looking fabulous all day are possible with Permanent Makeup by Niaome. Lip lines which are a little less dramatic than they used to be will benefit from these treatments, leaving you with a fuller looking, blushing pout. No more worrying about make up which smudges, fades or runs, which is one of the reasons that permanent makeup is loved by celebs and gig performers, who are often under intense lighting for long periods. This technique has been hailed by cosmetic surgeons as a non invasive alternative to surgery, giving fresh, symmetrical and enhanced features and restoring a more youthful look. It also delays the need for lip fillers or other expensive and painful treatments which attempt to regain the lips former glory.

The bespoke results and positive feedback about permanent makeup speaks for itself, and clients love the compliments they receive after their visit. A ‘Touch Up’ appointment 4-8 weeks later is included in the price of your treatment, allowing me to asses how you are getting on with your permanent makeup.

Whether you are bathing, sleeping, swimming, exercising or working, your permanent make up will stay put. Have a look at my website or visit the Permanent Makeup by Niaome Facebook page for examples of my work. To make an appointment call me on 07716388710

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