Why is Permanent Make-Up so Popular?

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PMUIn the last five to ten years, permanent make up [PMU] has become incredibly popular, even featuring in a Vogue magazine article. It’s no surprise really, when you consider how convenient it is to get up and out in the mornings without needing a long make up application. Women [and some men] in every walk of life appreciate the benefits of eyebrow, eyeliner and lip tattoos. Celebs have long been proponents of PMU, which allows them to look fabulous 24/7. They are also happy to avoid melting make up scenarios when under strong spotlights!

There is no upper age limit for these procedures, and there are women in their 80s with good skin who swear by it. Those with bad eyesight are delighted not to have to negotiate applying their make up around glasses frames. We all know women who struggle to draw a straight line, or make their brows look natural or even. It’s great for older women also, as they know the effect they want in a permanent solution. Those who love exercise frequently opt for PMU, as sweating while active, won’t be a problem.

PMU represents a permanent change in your appearance so time should be taken to think about what you want. You should also consult with the technician so that they know the exact look you are going for. Whether dramatic or subtle, the results when done by a professional such as Permanent Make-Up by Niaome are stunning. You will be amazed by the amount of freedom gained when make up isn’t a part of your daily routine. You can eat, drink, work, swim, holiday and exercise without worrying about reapplying make up.

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