A well kept celebrity make-up secret

Why wouldn’t you be happier with defined, fuller looking lips with a luscious blush of colour? My permanent lip treatments will give you a pout that will not wear or wash away. No need to reapply after dinner, and no lipstick smudging or transferring to your teeth.

I can offer you a defining ‘Lip liner’ a natural ‘Lip line and Blush’ or a ‘Full Lip Colour’ treatment, its your choice and you’re guaranteed a fresh look day after day.

A perfect lip line and well defined cupids bow are both synonymous with a younger mouth. Unfortunately both fade as we age but I can treat this and return your lips to their former glory in fact I can make them more luscious than ever.

Many of my clients who were previously considering more invasive lip fillers have told me that my lip treatments alone provided them with the fuller look they were searching for- Amazing!

The Treatment Process for Lips

The Consultation

This is usually done on the day as part of the treatment. We will have a conversation and establish what you hope to gain from the treatment. You are encouraged to come wearing your usual preferred makeup and bring it with you so that I can gain insight of your your personal style and preferences. I will make suggestions and advise you accordingly.

Using a makeup pencil I will begin to draw on a suggested shape that we can alter and tweak to your preferences. The agreed shape will become the template for the treatment. I will select several pigment shades to compliment the undertones of your skin. I can mix a bespoke colour to suit your preferences and test this colour on your lips. Only when you are completely happy with the proposed design and colour will we begin the tattooing procedure.

The Procedure

For this treatment I use a specially developed facial tattooing machine. The hand piece resembles a fountain pen and I insert cartridges like nibs which contain very fine needles. This operates at a much lower frequency than a conventional tattooing machine and so I am able to carefully and gently implant the pigment into the skin. I use a numbing machine to keep you comfortable, you will feel the vibrations on your lips. You can have a break for a drink if you need to. The lips will appear bolder immediately after treatment but it will lighten during the healing process over the next few days.

The Touch-Up

The price includes a second treatment 4-8 weeks later. This is a shorter appointment where we assess the initial treatment results and identify any areas where the colour has not held as well or need more blending. This is completely normal as the skin responds and heals differently in everyone. It is important to attend your Touch-Up appointment because if any weak areas are not reinforced they may also fade more quickly. You would therefore require a colour boost session much sooner.

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