A Great Solution to Hair Loss

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Hair has always had an important role in making us feel good about our appearance, which is why hair loss can be disappointing, even devastating to some. There are these days more hair loss treatments available than ever before, although many people choose to simply accept their hair loss. Hair pieces and transplants have developed to remarkable standards too with virtually undetectable results. Scalp Micropigmentation is another alternative to hair loss, and has grown rapidly in popularity. Scalp micropigmentation cleverly offers the illusion of hair growth without the need for invasive procedures.

Some Advantages of Scalp Micropigmentation include:-

1. Does not claim to grow hair

Scalp micropigmentation differs from most hair loss products, as it simply masks the lack of hair, rather than claims to regrow hair. So there is no chance of disappointment or failure of the process. It perfectly creates the illusion of shaved hair on the scalp, which can be a real confidence boost

2. Non Invasive

There are no chemicals used in scalp micropigmentation, so no chance of side effects, the treatment is totally non invasive and safe. A topical anaesthetic ensures no discomfort during the procedure. No dressings or stitches are required, and an easy after care plan will assure fast healing of the area.

3. Lower Cost

Scalp micropigmentation costs only a fraction of hair transplants or medication claiming to restore hair growth. It is a one off treatment solution with no requirement for post treatment maintenance.

4. Boosts Confidence

This ground breaking procedure means a younger look, and is favoured to more invasive treatments by many male customers . It is also great to help mask receding hairlines, scars and hair loss and thinning in both men and women.

5. Long Lasting & Realistic

Scalp micropigmentation is offered by specialists like Scalp Solutions, who carefully and skillfully match the colour to the clients skin tone, existing hair colour and direction of growth. This achieves incredibly realistic results which last for years, eventually fading naturally, when it can then be topped up.


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