Feeling Good All Over

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 At Permanent Make Up by Niaome, we are all about looking good and feeling great, not only on the surface but on the inside too, lets face it you can’t wear a happy expression if you’re in pain. Things like back pain, headache and joint pain can be constant and due to a number of causes, meaning misery for many. There are gentle and very effective treatments available though to tackle these common problems, giving much needed relief.

Osteopathy and chiropractic (CAMs), are the only two complementary and alternative medicines regulated under UK law. This regulation is similar to the way medical doctors are regulated and ensures that therapists using these methods are properly qualified. Osteopaths have to renew their registration yearly, and confirm that they have the correct insurance and meet professional development requirements.

Specialists such as Whitley Bay Osteopathic Centre [WBOC], have a highly trained team of experts with extensive training in a number of fields. All of these qualified individuals come together at the practice to work as a team, using their unique talents to help with a wide range of musculoskeletal issues.

Their approach centres on treating the patient as a whole rather than the individual problems, and each patient receives a tailored treatment plan. Osteopathy generally relates to people’s necks and backs, although because the team at WBOC take the whole person into consideration, a variety of other complaints can be alleviated also. Increased mobility, improvement in patients with asthma, lessening of depression and even an easing of the symptoms of IBS, for instance are often noted. A reduction in reliance on strong painkillers is a big advantage, especially where there are side effects.

An important aspect of osteopathy is the aim of allowing the body to heal itself by hands on investigation of the underlying causes of pain along with manual treatment. Incredibly, many patients see results in as little as three treatments. To find out if they can help you call them on (0191) 252 1555.

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