Happy Faces All Round

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It is never an easy decision whether to stay at home with your young child or introduce them to the nursery environment. The latter means that you can return to work, and benefit from an income, but what are the other advantages?

When youngsters mix with other children and adults, they are likely to develop social and everyday skills much faster than if they stay at home with Mum or Dad. Each day at nursery brings it’s own new experiences and challenges, preparing the child for life. Interacting with others is good practice for communication and cooperation too. The child gains self confidence and a sense of independence, along with the opportunity to show their parents what they have been doing at the end of the day. It has also been noted in studies that the longer, within reason, the children spend in nursery the more positive the outcome.

At nursery, children will engage in activities like cutting out, painting and making crafts which assist with dexterity skills. Singing, reading and telling stories help with talking abilities, both in nursery and at home of course. This thinking has been supported by research which suggests that children with other siblings develop more quickly in many ways.

Other aspects of nursery life like making decisions, eating meals with others, baking, and play acting allow a wide range of experiences. Learning to share toys, books etc is also a big part of childhood development. Children’s play equipment may be available bringing fun with climbing and balancing, not to mention exercise! When a group of little ones get together and devise a game, the sky is the limit as imaginative planning gets under way.

The adventure of joining a nursery can be very exciting for young children, as they are going and doing something without parents or family. Sometimes it may seem a little scary too, but with reassurance they usually accept that it’s ok to be separated from their family for short periods. Look for a reputable nursery such as Channings Childcare, and you can be sure your child will have a wonderful time day after day.

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