The difference between semipermanent and permanent scalp Pigmentation

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The difference between semipermanent and permanent scalp Pigmentation.

With a treatment that is still relatively difficult for people to understand. It’s easy to see why, it only complicates matters even more when you have the option of permanent or semipermanent Scalp Micropigmentation.

Below I will describe each treatment and how they are different. However first let me explain some things that both types of treatment.

Firstly, this is not a tattoo. Bespoke pigment (not ink) is used. There will be no discolouration of that what you may find with a tattoo.

The equipment used again is bespoke to scalp Micropigmentation. Specifically designed to give the best results of an ultra realistic hair follicle replication.

Most importantly! The Technician carrying out the treatment should be trained intensively. Without training this treatment should not be attempted by just anyone. Ask to see the training records and portfolio of work before you choose your Technician.

Permanent Scalp Micropigmentation.

Sometimes abbreviated (SMP), the permanent strain of this treatment gives instant results. Each technician has a different technique when carrying out the treatment. by Lew Grady prefers o do the treatment over three sessions.

This can leave the dots looking a little sparse after the first session. However do not fear, for this is a layering process. With each session you will clearly see the density increase.

The treated area can look a little dark at first but will settle and fade slightly.

This treatment lasts for around 5 years and will fade but traces of the pigment will never totally disappear from the skin. Most people topping up annually or biannually to keep it looking fresh.

Semipermanent Scalp Micropigmentation.

Sometimes referred to as Tricopigmentation. Unlike permanent it develops in the skin in the weeks after the treatment. It will be visible after each session but is minimal in comparison to permanent.

Some people prefer this so that the appearance is not too overwhelming.

Again I do the treatment over three sessions. Two back to back days and a final touch up/inspection around 30 days later.

It will last for around 3 years before totally disappearing from the skin. The bodies natural lymphatic system flushing the pigment from the skin. Again people normally come back for a top up every one to two years.

Both treatments when done properly give amazing results and at I am one of only a handful of clinics worldwide that is trained in both.

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